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What is Cinta Berlari?  Let me explain as briefly as i can...

It simply translates to "Love Running". Are you someone interested in running? looking to be coached in running? Looking for a new and exciting clothing brand? Or maybe all of the above? If its a YESSSS to any of those then you've come to the right place.

The idea of combining my past and current passions became apparent to me whilst sipping on a bottle of Bintang whilst in Bali. I am incredibly lucky to have fallen in love with my passions even more than ever once I travelled to South East Asia for three months. The experience sent my creative mind wild with the amount of inspiration I was surrounded with, my love for creating content, clothing and running came as one in my journal as I jotted down my thoughts and ideas day by day. Also, came the idea of giving back to the running community. "Cinta Berlari" and the colourful approach is my message that i want to inspire, involve and help fellow runners no matter of their running experience. Colourful means "fun", "outgoing" and "inclusive". This is exactly what it should be when it comes to putting one foot in front the other, and any other sporting activity.

My aim is to not only coach, create, but inspire outside of the box. We gotta get you looking fresh, running sensibly, and most importantly having fun with it. I can't wait to get to know you and connect on a like minded level.


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